Public Hearing - 01/18/24 6:45 P.M. - Ord 2024-03 - City Administrator Position (City Council)

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The Richmond City Council will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, January 18, 2024 at the Park Community Center located at 90 South 100 West, Richmond, Utah no sooner than 6:45 P.M. The Public Hearing is for the purpose of discussing Ordinance 2024-03, an Ordinance amending the Richmond City Municipal Code, Title 3-000 “Municipal Government”, Chapter 3-400 “Ordinances and Resolutions”, Part 420.040 “Appeal”, Chapter 3-500 “Administration”, Part 3-565 “Appointment of City Recorder, City Treasurer And City Administrator”, Title 9-000 “Licensing, Control, and Regulation of Business Construction”, Chapter 9-600 “Other Building or Construction Codes”, Part 9-658 “Pre-Occupancy Checklist”, Title 10-000 “Fire, Health, Safety and Welfare”, Chapter 10-500 “Noise Control”, Part 10-530 “Powers of Mayor, City Administrator or Designee”, and Part 10-540 “Prohibited Acts”, Title 12-000 “Land Use, Development and Management (LUDMO)”, Chapter 12-700 “Signs”, Part 12-704 “Enforcement”, and Part 12-705 “Building Permit Required”, Chapter 12-1000 “Overlays”, Part 12-1030-7 “Accessory Dwelling Unit”, Chapter 12-2000 “Subdivision Regulations”, Part 12-2004-5 “Escrow For Chip-Sealing”, Title 13-000 “Police Department”, Chapter 13-200 “Animal Control”, Part 13-261 “Definition and Establishment”, Title 14-000 “Utilities”, Chapter 14-200 “Sewer”, Part 14-215 “Private Wastewater Disposal” and Chapter 14-500 “Finance, Fees, and Charges”, Part 14-521 “Shut-Off and Turn-On Fees and Actions”.