Richmond Cemetery Maintenance District

The Richmond Cemetery Maintenance District is a separate entity from Richmond City. It has its own Board of Directors and collects a property tax levy in addition to the fee for gravesites. Its budget is separate from Richmond City.

As a service to the cemetery district, Richmond City will post information from the district on the city website. If you have questions about the cemetery, PLEASE contact the district and not Richmond City.

To make a grave plot purchase, arrange a burial or for other questions call (435) 258-2092.

To review the Rules and Policies of the cemetery click HERE


The Board is excited to offer a new online interactive map with an incredible search feature as well as a detailed map.  To see this new search option click HERE

Board of Directors
Kevin Graham (Chairman) kgg5424 [at] gmail.com (435) 764-2133
Kelly Crafts kelly [at] richmondutah.org (435) 760-5079
Jared Gillman jaredland1 [at] gmail.com (435) 994-0210
Amy Sadler amysadler05 [at] gmail.com (435) 764-7113
Amber Ervin aervin [at] richmondutah.org (435) 890-0337


Cemetery District Fees
  Resident Non-Resident
Grave Plot Purchase $600 $1,600
Grave Open/Close $600 $1,000
Grave Open/Close (Saturday) $900 $1,300
Cremation $400 $700
Infant (less than one year old) $200 $400


Minutes from previous cemetery board meetings can be found at the bottom of this page.